Yesterday, I left my Evangelicalism behind.

It’s been a long time in coming. I submitted the following inelegant rant on Facebook, the precipitating but not causal event for which was the current election cycle and Evangelicals’ love affair/excusefest for Donald Trump. As I write this, he now faces credible child rape charges, yet somehow Hillary is “more evil”. Done.

In the nineteenth century, Evangelicals were known for their social involvement- their faith was manifested in good works: abolition of slavery, workers’ rights, relief for the poor, education, the YMCA, the Salvation Army, heroic missionary work. Evangelicals considered it their duty to criticize what was wrong in the church, and they recognized that Mammon was evil.

In the 1980’s, Evangelicals did what history always shows to be a bad move for Christianity: they aligned with power.  One of the goals, the elimination of the slaughter of human life in utero, is no nearer being reached than it was then.  But what HAS resulted is a whoring around of the Church with the power structures of society.  Together with a synchretistic melding of Americanism with Christianity (specifically forbidden in Scripture), we now look at a cauldron of ills:  anti-intellectualism, anti-environmentalism, party spirit, hatred for foreigners and immigrants, demonization of the poor, and a confounding of the good news of salvation in Jesus’ death alone with “Christianity-and”.  The gospel does not center around sex, as CS Lewis so wisely observed, but we are obsessed with the gay agenda.  The gospel does not center around America, and we are obsessed with this country (for which my grandfather died, btw- I probably love it more than you do). We tolerate evil in the church, blaspheme the gospel with health and wealth doctrines, and not only tolerate but encourage ignorance.

Goodbye, Evangelicals.  I am a Christian.